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Virtual Interior Design


Virtual Design is a convenient alternative to Interior Design services, perfect for those who may not have the time for in-person meetings but still desire expert guidance personalized attention. Instead of traditional site visits and face-to-face collaborations, communication occurs via phone, Zoom, and computer. Ideal for DIY enthusiasts willing to take on some tasks like measuring, submitting photos, and overseeing installation, E-Design provides flexibility without sacrificing quality. Whether you're pressed for time, living abroad, or constantly on the go, Virtual Interior Design ensures you receive top-notch service and personalized attention from our expert team-without the constraints of physical distance.

How does it work:

Virtual Meeting with our Design Team to understand the Project Scope

Proposal Presentation

Site Measurement
(additional service available
for some cities)

Briefing Meeting 

Preliminary Study


Preliminary Study Meeting

(Layout + Reference Images)

Preliminary Study
Review and Approval


Project Rendering
(3D Images)

Project Rendering Meeting

(3D Images)

Project Rendering


Furniture, Fixture and
Equipments Specification

Final Project Delivery

12 (1).png


Mood Board

Space Plan (Layout)


Project Rendering

(3D images)

FF&E Selection (optional)

Final Design Package







cena sala 05.png

Benefits of Virtual Design:

1. Cost-Effectiveness:

Virtual design services typically offer flat design fees, eliminating surprises. By forgoing expenses such as travel, client appointments, and professional installation, you enjoy a more affordable rate. Plus, you take the reins as your own project coordinator, handling tasks like measuring, photography, furniture placement, and styling.

3. Time Efficiency:

Maximize your time by engaging in the design process from the comfort of your own home. Say goodbye to commutes and scheduling conflicts. Virtual designs are not only convenient but also faster, as designers leverage the efficiency of remote collaboration.

5. Flexibility at Your
Own Pace:

2. Location Flexibility:

No matter where you reside, our virtual meetings ensure accessibility to our services worldwide. There are no geographical barriers-now you can transform your space into your favorite place, regardless of location!

4. Expert Designers:

Though we may not meet in person, you'll still benefit from the expertise of our seasoned designers. Our team delivers a tailored, high-quality service designed specifically for you and your family, staying true to our mission of creating spaces where you feel at home.

The remote approach allows you to tackle one space at a time, following the same creative custom design process as traditional services but with the freedom to implement changes on your own schedule and within your budget.

Create your dream home.
Tell us about your project today.

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