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Home Staging


What is Home Staging? Home staging is beyond decorating and cleaning. It's about perfecting the art of creating an inviting and pleasant ambient. Staging makes your house looks bigger, brighter, cleaner, warmer, more inviting, and best of all, it makes homebuyers want to buy it. Home Staging allows potential buyers to see themselves in your home. For a small investment, you maximize your return on your largest investment. A home staging project might or might not have a project. Many people think that having a house decorated will cost tons of money... But what if we say that we can make a functional and stylish project that fits your budget? House2go has the perfect team and is ready to help transform your home into the most attractive and profitable place!

How does it work

We kick things off with a 30-minute phone call or virtual meeting to understand your needs and discuss the scope of selling or
renting your property. This initial chat also sets the stage for booking our in-person consultation.

1. Before our visit, we delve into our meeting notes and conduct market research to pinpoint the typical buyer/ renter demographic for your area.


2.. Next comes the main event: a comprehensive, 2-hour, in-person walk-through. We'll analyze your current furniture layout, color schemes, lighting, and accessories, offering suggestions to enhance traffic flow, modernize the space, and optimize it for online photos. We'll repurpose existing items to create emotional connections for potential buyers and identify any elements that might detract from the property's appeal. Our detailed findings are captured in an 10+ page Staging Report, crafted in real-time during the walk-through. Plus, we'll create a priority shopping list and recommend sources to help you execute our recommendations effectively.


3.. As we wrap up the consultation, you'll receive an Open House Checklist, a Preferred Vendor List, and Organizational Strategies tailored to your needs—a comprehensive toolkit to guide you through the selling or renting process with confidence.


4. Additional hours maybe required for properties with more than 4 rooms.


How does it work

Following our 2-hour Consultation, we'll schedule a return date for ourStaging Refinement Services.

1. You'll receive a Home Preparation Plan to complete before our staging day.

2. On the staging day, we'll spend up to 5 hours refining your preparations and using any newly purchased items to merchandise each space (focused on main areas, with the option to add additional hours if needed).

3. We'll provide creative organizational solutions, allowing you to prepare your home for showings in just 20 minutes!


4. We may bring additional accessories to illustrate potential updates for the home.

5. To capture the transformation, we'll take stunning photos (non-professional) at the end of our visit, providing visual before-and-after comparisons. Professional photo-shoots can be arranged with an additional quotation.

6. Please note that furniture and accessories rentals are not included and are quoted on a per-project basis as needed.

Consultation Only - $200 for 2h

Staging Refinement - $500 for up to 5h

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